Have We Taken Another Step Too Far?

Let me be clear from the beginning. I DO NOT agree in any way, shape or form with what Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angels Clippers, is alleged to have said. If the tape released by the website TMZ is legitimate, Donald Sterling revealed himself to be a racist. His past history supports this claim also.

People have been calling for everything from suspensions and fines to having the NBA take way the basketball team Sterling owns. Adam Silver, the NBA Commissioner issued Sterling’s punishment on Tuesday, April 29. Sterling is banned for life from the NBA. He can still own the team, but cannot attend any game or practice. He must still sign the paychecks for everyone, but cannot have any input in any decisions concerning his team. Adam Silver also said the NBA would try to force Sterling to sell his team.

I want to quote Mark Cuban when he was talking about this issue. ”In this country, people are allowed to be morons. They’re allowed to be stupid. They’re allowed to think idiotic thought.” While I find Sterling’s opinions and views deplorable, I have to ask one question. When, in the United States did it become a punishable offense to be, as Cuban said, to be a moron?

What Sterling said is just flat wrong. However, what he said was said in the privacy of his own home in what was supposed to be a private conversation. I have always believed that in this country, a person had the right to believe what he/she wants and, unless it incites a danger, a person in our country has a Constitutional right to Freedom of Speech.

Racism is wrong. God created all people equally, in the image of God, as the crown of his creation. My question is, “Where does it stop?” What, instead, had Sterling said that he believed homosexuality is wrong? In many quarters he would be branded as homophobic, bigoted, and intolerant. Yet Scripture is quite clear. It is a sin. Any sex outside of God’s created purpose in marriage is wrong.

Because of the success of the homosexual agenda, there are now movements out there to legalize polygamy. What if Donald Sterling had said in this private conversation that he felt polygamy was wrong? What if he said it was right?

I guess my ultimate question comes down to, “Are we becoming a nation run by the “Thought Police?” Where does a person’s rights to think and feel whatever they may cease to exist? Where is the line between “idiotic thoughts” and punishable thoughts?

I believe Donald Sterling deserved to suffer something, but as Mark Cuban also said, “I think you’ve got to be very careful when you start making blanket statements about what people say and think, as opposed to what they do. It’s a very, very slippery slope.”

Have we taken another step too far? What do you think? Let me know and comment below.

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