What Does the Supreme Court Ruling Mean?

Today, history changed. A group of 5 unelected people changed the definition of marriage as it has been understood and lived out by every culture for several millennia.  Gay marriage has been legalized throughout our country.

The long term repercussions will be years in being decided. Unfortunately, I was not surprised by this result. I do want to commend those in the minority opinion for standing for the biblical marriage and for attempting to look out for the religious freedoms of our country.

Thanks to the foresight of Skyline’s people, we have recently updated our Church Constitution to do our best to protect us from this event. Only time will tell. The courts have proven time and again that they are not interested in protecting religious liberty or godly people.

Our number one concern at this point must be with the total protection of religious liberty for all people. Religious liberty means that every single person in our country gets to live out their religious beliefs in all circumstances. Unfortunately, the courts have a recent history of saying that is not true.

What this judgment demonstrates above all is that our country needs a Great Awakening and spiritual revival. We need the people of God pray, witness, and share like never before. We need to love people of all beliefs. We do NOT have to agree with them. We must also stand up for God’s specific design for marriage. That means we must value marriages and work to make them last. We must be as strong against couples living together or adultery as we are gay marriage. All are wrong in God’s eyes.

What this means for us today is that we must pray. We must love. We must represent God in all things. We must do nothing to bring shame or reproach upon the name of God.

This is not the first time the Supreme Court has mad a bad decision. We need only refer to their decisions on segregation and separate but equal or their decision in Roe vs Wade. This is another one that they, and our country, will come to regret over time.

For now, remember, this decision did not catch God by surprise. He knew it was coming. He is still God. He is still in control. Beginning in the Garden, humanity has been trying to become or act as God. This is one more example. It won’t be the last.

Keep praying and keep trusting in God. He is still the King of the Universe.

What’s your take? Feel free to comment below.

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