What Happened?

What happened in our country? I often ask the question, “Because it is so increasingly rare, why is it called ‘Common Sense?’” I know I am older than others and not as old as some, but in my life, I never entertained the thought I would see a day in our country where state governments find it necessary to create laws that say men have to use men’s bathrooms and women have to use women’s bathrooms. That should be an absolute no-brainer. I also never would have guessed that when those laws were made, people would protest the ideas and throw a fit about them. Common sense people.

People try to make this an issue of civil rights for transgender people. There are a few common sense points to make about the issue. Let me briefly discuss some of them.

1) Until they undergo surgery, a biological male is male and a female is female. Therefore, they need to use the appropriate facilities.

2) I am not saying transgenders are dangerous, however, allowing people to use restrooms of the opposite gender exposes too many innocent people to sexual predators and pedophiles who will use this ability for their own negative purposes. We need to protect the vulnerable. The University of Toronto allowed their co-ed dorms to have co-ed bathrooms this past fall. They suspended the practice within 2 weeks because of complaints of young men sticking their phones over showers and videoing the ladies showering. The sinfulness of human nature means people will take advantage of opportunities for sin. We must limit those.

3) Despite what the media reports, true transgender people are an extremely small percentage of our population. Common sense dictates we cannot design the entirety of the society and culture for millions of people around such a small percentage. I’m not saying their thoughts and feelings don’t matter, but in a democracy, the majority rules and the good of the many outweighs the good of the few.

There are several other talking points. My intention is not to discuss them all, but I just want us as a country and as people to start using Common Sense. Let’s make it common again and not so rare.

What do you think?

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