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What to Expect

Plan to come a little early on your first visit. Our greeters will have helpful information for you and will introduce you to other people that will soon become your friends. If you are coming to our Bible study at 9:45 a.m. our greeters will show you where your children will meet and introduce you to their teachers.  Then they will guide you to your class and introduce you to your teacher. If you are coming to our worship time at 11:00 a.m., the greeters will take you to the auditorium where you can simply find a seat and prepare for worship.

Skyline’s meetings are designed to be a casual experience. We come to worship the Lord, so we are more interested in you than we are in what you wear. Our desire is for you to be comfortable, so relax wear jeans or a suit but come to worship with us.

Skyline’s worship experience is a blend of traditional values and contemporary issues. Our music style is blended with some choruses and new contemporary music along with traditional hymns. We believe both can speak to us and help us in expressing our devotion to the Lord.

The best way to describe the intention of our worship service is to be relevant……… to your life, your needs, and your family!

We’ll be looking for you real soon!!!